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A Family Business since 2015

Emma, our Founder, Designer and Director, set up Uniquely Euphoric as a hobby making bouquets for friends. Her decision to take the hobby into a business was driven by the fact that when she and her husband of 20 years got married real flowers were the only option. Artificial flowers were exactly that! (“Fake” flowers meant they looked fake and plastic). In 2005, after 10 years of marriage they renewed their vows and had another real flower bouquet. Emma wanted Thistles in her bouquet as the focal feature, but when it arrived in the morning of the renewal, they were small and insignificant. At this point, although both bouquets were beautiful they both failed in some way to meet up with her expectations and requirements, and as they only arrived on the morning of the event it was too late to do anything about it.

Being a Full-Time mum for quite some time now, it was decided that Emma have something that allowed Emma to have a career whilst fitting everything around the family and her illness. Emma suffers from the debilitating illness of Fibromyalgia and ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), so some days she struggles to be able to move with the pain. Following her previous career as a Gym Instructor and having grown up and worked in the Catering Industry, she has gained a vast experience of in Wedding Industry, and as the “artificial” flower market has changed and they are now of much better quality, she decided that there was a market out there for someone to offer brides an alternative to fresh flowers. Hence Uniquely Euphoric was born.

Uniquely Euphoric produce Bespoke Alternative Bouquets hand crafted using all forms of media except for real flowers, to create. Based in the North West of England, we are able to ship our products Nationally and Internationally, so if you were ever in need of something then we would have no issue in being able to fulfil the order. We always send photos of the bouquets / arrangements as we build them so that if the client is not happy or wishes to change it then this can be done. This ensures that the client gets exactly what they want at the end of the day.

Our first Big Break came when we attended The National Wedding Show in Manchester in October 2015 where we had a stand and also we delighted to be one of the Sponsors of their Cat Walk, allowing our bouquets to make the debut appearance. However, although that should have been the highlight of our time at the show but in fact there was something else! Whilst making a personal appearance, Gok Won was also filming a promotional piece for ITV’s This Morning programme, for a competition in which a couple would be able to “Win their Wedding”. Well we were very excited when we were asked to provide the Bouquet that Gok would do a piece to camera when he would enact the classic Throwing the Bridal Bouquet into a group of soon to be brides.

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